General Rules

All parents and students are expected to abide by the following rules and regulations during the academic session:

  1. Students should strictly follow the instructions given by the School staff at all times.

  2. Students should be punctual for all school and related activities.

  3. Students should wear the sports uniform on Wednesday & Saturdays. On other days students should wear regular uniform.

  4. There are different uniforms for summer and winter seasons. Students need to wear seasonal uniforms as per the instructions of the school administration.

  5. Students should come in properly washed and ironed school uniform. The shoes must be well polished.

  6. Students should possess all the prescribed books and notebooks according to the timetable at all times. Please ensure that books and notebooks are kept in good condition.

  7. Attendance is compulsory for all students. Marks would be deducted for absenteeism which will affect the final grades of the student. In case of emergency, parents are required to present an application explaining the reason for taking the leave. Failing to do so, leave will not be granted.

  8. Tests for all subjects will be conducted every week. Marks of weekly tests will be added to the final grades. If the student misses any test his/her final grades will be affected.

  9. Marks will be allotted for class activities and home activities every month. If student does not concentrate in the class or do his/her homework on time his/her final grades will be affected.

  10. The School Fees must be deposited on or before 10th day of the month in which instalment is due. Late payment of fee will only be accepted with fine. Student will be debarred from attending the classes if the fee is not paid on time.

  11. School does not have its own Transport but can arrange on requirement through a 3rd Party. For the convenience of the Parent, the Transport Fee can be paid at the School Counter along with School Fee. Transporter has all the right to debar the Student from boarding the bus if the Transport Fee is not paid on time.

  12. The Parents Teachers Meeting will be held on the 1st Saturday of every month unless and until specified. Parents are requested to attend the PTMs without fail.

  13. Parents should read and respond in time to all the notifications sent to them about their ward.